About the Download


Introduction to GDPR (Basic)
Monthly industry updates (Basic)
Advanced GDPR concepts (Basic +)
Phish-me (Basic +)
Executive training
DPO training



Malware Protection
Antivirus – Avira (Basic)
Patching – Microsoft (Basic)
Phishing plugin to flag dodgy emails (Basic)
1024 run applications (Ben, please explain what this is) (Basic)
Configuration Manager (Basic)
Phishing Simulation (Basic +)
Email filtering (Basic +)
Mobile data security (Basic +)
SARs lifecycle portal (Consent & Erasure)
DNS Analyser – Quad9
Monitoring C&C traffic

Data Protection (GDPR)
Password Safe (Basic)
Access Control (Basic)
Consent Portal (Basic)
Erasure Request Portal (Basic)
StealthBits (Data Discovery) (Basic +)
Search Sensitive Data (Basic +)
Data Loss Prevention (Basic +)
Data Destruction (planning / manual procedures) (Basic +)
Data Classification (High Level) (Basic +)

Data Classification (advanced)
File encryption
Data Destruction – Automated
Tamper Protection
File encryption

Intrusion Detection
Security Onion
Tripwire – open source

App whitelisting

Technical Support + Remote access



Data Governance Policy (Basic)
NIST (USA) and ICO(UK) checklist (what it means for your business) (Basic)
Data Destruction procedure (Basic)
5 day support response time (Basic)
Incident response plan (Basic)
Incident response plan (Advanced) (Basic +)
Data Destruction procedure (Advanced) (Basic +)
Wargaming exercise (Basic +)
Google raid response (Basic +)
General forums (Basic +)
48 hour support response time (Basic +)
Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Tailored legal advice
Closed forums
3 hour response time



Tech support (advanced – 3 hour response)

Incident Response
Incident response plan (Advanced) (Basic +)
Full packet capture (Basic +)
OS Query (Basic +)
Incident response assistance / hotline

Data Classification (Detailed level/advanced) ** Repeated in tech. Discuss further.